About Cuee

Best known for his interactive, energetic and all around hype live performances, Cuee is a Black Trans Recording Artist from Chicago, IL. Cuee's musical style blends the lyrical confidence of Missy Elliot and Chance the Rapper with the undeniable swagger and finesse of LL Cool J. 
Cuee in Chicago
Cuee first few releases, "Shook" and "Gravity" are currently climbing the charts on Spotify's Editorial playlists (Transcend, Choice Edit and Gemini). Using the stage as another platform to get his message across, he has performed in over 15 cities and played events like Pride Fests (Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Boston, Lawrence and Kansas City), So Far Sounds (San Diego, Chicago, Boston, and New York), Silky Nutmeg Ganache Countdown (Indianapolis), Stonewall (Canada) and many more.


Cuee embodies Black Trans Joy and his mission is to spread it across the world through his art and music. His most recent release, Proud Boi boldly reclaims what it means to be a Black, Brown, Queer person living in the world. His message is spreading across the world with the goal of reaching 100K LGBTQ+ / Allies.   

Be the movement. Join the movement.